For over 40 years, vonRentzell has been moving libraries. Because of our extensive experience, we provide planning and consultation for a wide variety of library relocation projects.

State-of-the-art equipment. Book trucks, speed-packs, CRT carts, and stack movers provide the ultimate moving efficiency and ease.
Range moving. Elevation and relocation of a range of shelving up to 30' long anywhere on the same floor, allows all books to remain totally intact on the shelves. A perfect method for carpet replacement and ADA compliance projects.

Shelving service.
Disassembly, move, and reassembly.
Shelf-to-shelf movement.
Shifting and integration/segregation.
Design services available.
Fill ration computation.
Growth analysis.

Building-to-building moves. Whether moving across the street or across the country, the best technology and specifically designed equipment is used for the safe, efficient relocation of library furniture, fixtures, IT equipment, shelving, and all books and archival materials.
A smooth, trouble-free move. A unique labeling system provides the highest level of organization and control over library collections—shelf list order is maintained at all times.
Experience that matters. Put our years of knowledge and experience to work for you. Our consulting services are available to help you with all aspects of bid specification development: site visits, needs analysis, pre-bid review, and timeline specifications.